Cloud PC Systems
Virtual PCs paired with portable kiosks for secure computing anywhere
PC Monitoring Software
Enabling employers to monitor PC use in real time or by historical analysis

About Us

Scītōte (pronounced ski-‘tō-te) is a Latin imperative translated as “know” or “be informed.” It reflects our commitment to securing information for our clients and making it available whenever and wherever they need it.

The Scītōte Intelligence Corporation is managed by Alvin Jones, a graduate of Princeton University and the University of Florida College of Law with extensive IT experience spanning from high school to present.  Even as corporate counsel employed by a national consumer reporting agency, Mr. Jones assumed the roles of web programmer and email administrator.  Later, as a criminal prosecutor, Mr. Jones wrote an application still used nearly 20 years later to simplify the statutory ranking of felony offenses for inclusion on sentencing scoresheets.  Once in private practice, Mr. Jones mastered automation of document assembly and coded a set of interactive pdf applications used to determine and report the formulated value of nearly 200 federal class action economic loss claims resulting from a catastrophic oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Now as legal counsel and key operator for Scītōte, Mr. Jones is a private investigator and security officer serving in an advisory capacity for Florida’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services as the chairman of its Private Investigation, Recovery and Security Advisory Council.  He is also an FAA-certified remote pilot of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, a legal requirement enabling our commercial operation of aerial drones.

In addition to providing cloud PC systems and investigative services, the Scītōte Intelligence Corporation manages network camera systems, is a licensed reseller of PC monitoring software, and plans to offer certified network penetration testing in the near future.

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