Cloud PC

Work-From-Anywhere PC Systems
with Virtual PCs, Remote Kiosks
and PC Monitoring Software

Scītōte manages Private Cloud networks used by legal, accounting, medical and other professionals that require the utmost information security.  Each client’s network features a custom branded file portal reflecting the client’s own distinctive identity, and client files are continuously backed up.  Our networks come in 3 types:

  • Private Archive for single user online storage featuring shared file links;
  • Business Essentials for centralized network storage utilized by applications run on each user’s computer; includes both shared file links and file request links; and
  • Power VDI for centralized network storage utilized by applications run on a virtual PC hosted on our internal high speed network, though controlled by each user’s own computer, tablet, smart phone, or other browser-enabled device; also includes both shared file links and file request links.

Because the professional practice of most clients we serve dictates a high level of information security, we provide Work-from-Anywhere PC Systems specifically designed for security.  Most notably, our Work-from-Anywhere PC Systems address the insider threat—the greatest vulnerability of business data—by offering virtual PC and remote kiosk pairings, which minimizes the transfer of data across the public internet where it can be intercepted or redirected and prevents users from locally storing sensitive or confidential data onto removable media beyond the control of their employers.  Our Work-from-Anywhere PC Systems further address the insider threat by hosting PC Monitoring Software that enables employers to verify whether staff and virtual assistants using virtual PCs are signing in and out when expected and are on task.

Best Practice:  Use secure shared file links in place of email attachments.

Unrivaled Courtesy Services

Workstations: Scītōte affords our clients the short-term use of secure virtual workstations should they need to work when unable to access their office workstations, like while they wait for unexpected car repairs or a friend’s recovery at the hospital—ideally useful on a smart phone, tablet or other non-Windows® device.

In response to social distancing mandates, we have added to our virtual workstation offerings to now include browser-accessed desktops (not mere applications, but entire desktops accessed using a web browser) for remote and collaborative use.

Pdf Forms: Scītōte provides custom, interactive Adobe® pdf forms. At the request of a client law firm, we recently created a fillable pdf form that automated the client’s payment ledgers. For efficiency, we also incorporated the client’s letterhead to enable the ledgers’ second role as printable or e-mailable payment receipts.

More recently, after social distancing and “Safer at Home” orders were issued during the COVID-19 pandemic, we created intake forms for a tax prep client. The forms not only interactively determine which sections their users need to complete and alert users of omissions, they also open users’ browsers and take them directly to our client’s private cloud server where users securely upload the forms along with their other documents for processing … all within the safety of their homes and effectively eliminating health risks posed by an office visit.

Documents: Scītōte helps clients take advantage of the “mail” merge capabilities they likely are neglecting. Whether in Word® or WordPerfect®, the merge process is an easy and efficient yet incredibly under-utilized method of creating error-free documents in seconds.

Cloud Security Overview (Technicals)

User Verification

User Verification

  • 2-factor authentication to login
  • Lock-out after failed logins
  • Password strength enforcement
  • Redundant share access control

File Transfer & Storage

File Transfer & Storage

  • Forced encryption file transfers
  • Client-server and site-to-site VPNs
  • Real-time backup with versioning
  • Multi-site backup replication

System Integrity

System Integrity

  • Dual-layered firewall protection
  • Security auditing and notification
  • Malware detection and quarantine
  • Automated network monitoring

Free: 1-844-SCITOTE

Client Friendly Support

Scītōte has U.S. based operations and provides sales and support with native or fluent English-speaking personnel who are proficient in the use of our services and are committed to giving clients the personal attention required to ensure their proficiency too.  Scītōte is firmly rooted in information security so, unlike many popular cloud providers, we neither sell clients’ information nor use it for our own purposes.

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